Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Agency Blogs

My new blogging hobby is reading literary agent blogs. Not all of them, but I like to peruse them occasionally. Some of them are really informative, others, I gotta wonder.

I used to read Miss Snark religiously. I even did the crap-o-meter once. One of the most informative, I think, is Kristin Nelson's Pub Rants. I think she goes out of her way to be nice and understanding to writers.

Agent Lori Perkins started a new blog and while I think she can be a little sharp-toned, she has some interesting things to say.

One I've started reading consistently is Nathan Bransford. He's funny and tries to explain things to writers. The Knight Agency has its own blog but Deidre Knight has her own blog over at MySpace which I quite enjoy. She mixes her topics between agenting, being a parent and being an author.

One thing I don't like with agent blogs is when the tone of their posts are belittling to writers. I understand they are swamped with queries and submissions from clueless writers, but making them the butt of jokes seems unfair to me. I realize sarcasm is a pleasing element for some on the blogs, it isn't my style.

I'm adding an "agent" sidebar so if you have an agency link you think should be added, post it in your comments.

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