Monday, September 17, 2007


I think the number of emotional breakdowns I've had since the beginning of September is now in the double digits. The latest was Saturday when the contractor said we wouldn't be done until close to Halloween. The reason for the change is a change we made. Anyway, instead of three weeks, I've got another six weeks of turmoil. I keep telling myself how nice it is going to be, but it is small consolation right now.

I should be more consistent this week. I've got so many things coming up, but most of them are after school and the like. First, I'll address the RSS issue. I'm not sure what is going on. I know some feed readers are able to read the feed but many others can't for this blog. I tried to repair it yesterday and had no luck, so I will have to try again. Sorry for the inconvenience. The feed option is turned on but there is a code problem in the html I haven't figured out. I'll keep trying.
So on to the other stuff. Thing started kindergarten. Here she is coloring her self-portrait. She colored the hair yellow and green since her has a green tint from the chlorine. She is in the afternoon class which has been great. The teacher is really good with the kids. It was a little rough going at first since she is so young. I'm pretty sure she is the youngest in her class. In our district they must turn 5 by December 2 in order to be eligible to register. Her birthday is November 19, so she is cutting it close. However, after a couple of weeks, she seems to be doing well. The teacher says she is a blast to have in class.

What is most odd for me is having all this time with nothing to do. I would love it if I were home, but I really have no place to go. I've done all the window shopping I can take for the moment. I've been camping out at hubby's office (I'm here now) and I should be writing, but I'm a bit scattered. But I have 6 more weeks of dealing with this, so I better settle down. I have some ideas for books I want to write not to mention the books I've already started. I have essentially nearly four hours a day when I could do nothing but write. You think that would be movtivation enough. If only I could get over these breakdowns.

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