Wednesday, June 01, 2005


I've been tagged for the book stuff, so here goes:

Number of Books Owned?

Not that many. I'm not a book hound. I do have a keepershelf, but I'm pretty selective. I have lots of research books from history to crime and weaponry. And of course the collection of writing "how to" books.

Last Book Read?

I just finished THE COMPANION by Susan Squires a very different vampire novel that takes place in Regency England and North Africa. I really, really liked it. I'm currently reading WHITE HEAT by Jill Shalvis and THE ITALIAN SECRETARY by Caleb Carr.

What's Next?

Not a clue. I have so many books to read plus I've got a bunch in my cart at Amazon.

Five books that mean something to me?
1. HOUSE OF A THOUSAND LANTERNS by Victoria Holt. It was my first flat out romance novel. I became a big Victoria Holt fan, I must have been 11.
2. SHANNA by Kathleen Woodiwiss. A very educational book for a 12 year old.
3. JANE EYRE. I just loved that book. I was freshman in high school and read it so many times.
4. GRAPES OF WRATH by Steinbeck. Actually, any Steinbeck novel could be here. I love him.
5. THE TALISMAN by Stephen King and Peter Straub. Talk about the hero's journey perfectly executed. I never understood why this book wasn't more celebrated. It really put into practice all of the stuff I learned in AP English

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Anonymous said...

Some great books, Rene!