Monday, October 24, 2005

Monday, Monday

Some days I’m just glad it’s Monday.  We had one of those non-stop weekends and I am exhausted.  I did manage to post to Age of Enlightenment with some info about gothics and their history.  That was the extent of stuff I did with writing.

My daughter had her soccer game and she was a stud.  She scored 2 goals within the first two minutes with the potential to really burst out and run over the other team.  She got pulled to defense and out of the game for most of the rest of the time.  What was really cute, however, was our team’s attitude.  We were truly the dominant team, bigger, stronger girls and we could have run over the other team.  As it was, we scored 5 goals.  Our girls were so concerned that the other team wasn’t going to score that they wouldn’t defend the goal and in the end ended up passing the ball to the opposite team so they could score.  I was very proud of them for their sportsmanship and the way they played.  For kids this age, soccer should be fun.

After the game, we went to the Village Venture.  My town’s quaint downtown area turns into a humongous street fair one day a year.  This is really nice stuff, lots of art and beautiful (expensive) crafts.  There must be about 800 booths.  I think if you live in my town and don’t go, they send the Rotarians out with cattle prods to herd you down there.  Anyway, dh bought me a really cute apron and one for each of the girls.  Mine says “Queen of Everything.”  Glad the hubby understands my place in the world.  I also bought a few cd’s from this guy.  I bought a few last year and fell in love with them.  Very good writing music.  We also ate our weight in junk food.  One booth sold almonds roasted with cinnamon, sugar and vanilla.  Yum….  We were down there most of the afternoon.

But that wasn’t enough.  We took the kids and their friend to Legoland.  It was so busy with lots of little kids in Halloween costume.  The kids had fun although Allison was a demon.  She’s at the age where she wants to ride the rides but is half an inch to short.  As soon as she would get out of her stroller, she’d take off.  I was exhausted by the end of the day.  I was never so glad to take my kids too school this morning.