Friday, August 17, 2007

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy

Things have kind of exploded around here. I'm leaving for Hawaii a week from Sunday so I need to start packing. Not really a big deal. If I forget something, there is a Wal-Mart and a Costco not too far from where I'm staying and the condo we are going to has a washer and dryer. Still, it is a pain in the butt since I pack for everyone.

This wouldn't be a big deal except the contractor doing my kitchen came over on Tuesday and finalized the plans. He wants to start at the end of the month. They will start the demo the week we are gone. So my kitchen has to be packed up. But wait, there's more. The remodel is going through my entire first floor and they are replacing all the flooring, so all the furniture in my family room and dining room has to be out too. We are expanding the pantry and so my walk-in pantry has to be emptied as well. Well, at least boxes of Rice-a-Roni are easy to pack.

I've already got part of the kitchen emptied. I've thrown away as much stuff as I've packed. Today is going to be ugly because I'm going to go through the little containers. Personally, I'd like to pitch the lot, but I do need to keep some of them. Then it is on to the pots and pans. Once I get those done the rest will be pretty easy. I hope.

Anyway, I may be even more scarce for the next month. We expect the remodel will be done at the end of September but life is going to be pretty chaotic during the month. I'm not looking forward to it, however I'm ecstatic at the thought of a new kitchen.

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