Monday, February 04, 2008

Cool Things

Last week was insane. The whole work-home thing totally sucks. But since the bulk of you know all about that, we can skip that discussion. It didn't help that the weather was miserable. Today is actually sunny and it has lifted my mood considerably. This is a picture of my new stained glass window. We designed it with the help of the artist and picked out the colors. Isn't it awesome? This is a picture of the view from the window. When we planned the window, I made it clear I wanted to preserve this view. I'd like to cut the neighbors' trees down, but I don't think they are going to go for that (I'm kidding).

I found this little do-dad at Costco this weekend. It's called an Alto Cordless by Logitech. One thing I miss about the desktop is how nice and high the monitor is for my vision and for a full-sized keyboard. I get both with this. Of course my notebook is starting to tire. The kids don't like using it because the letters have all worn off the keyboard. But this device really helps.

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