Tuesday, November 30, 2010

False Starts & Expectations

Apologies, I tried to get my blog back up and a nasty piece of code made things difficult. My html skills are rusty so I had to send my blog to the creator of the code to fix it. But now things seem to be working. We shall see.

From looking at my blogs it seems like many people have been taking breaks from the blogosphere. For me its about expectations. I set them impossibly high for myself. Not in all things. I don't usually care about my appearance, those that see me on a daily basis can attest to that. I like a clean house but I'm not paranoid about it.

But other things....shudder...my expectations are sky high. Blogging is one of them. Hell, writing in general is the big one. If a blog post is less than stellar, meaning its not interesting or I'm not expressing myself well, I get bent. That wasn't the reason I started my blog, it was more of a place to spout my soapbox opinions to an audience of one. I'm far more eloquent when I write. When I speak I'm more of a cross between a California surfer and a truck driver.

Then I got readers and I felt obligated to make my posts more than what I intended. And that's not a bad thing. It's progression for me as a writer and the push made me a better writer. Plus it was fun. Eventually I burned out. I think most bloggers do eventually and I applaud those who are able to push through without giving up.

I feel like I'm starting from the beginning. Which is good, my opinions and perspectives have changed over the last five years and perhaps this break will produce something worth reading.

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LoryKC said...

Just glad you're back! Happy New year!