Monday, August 15, 2005

She Can Blame Suzanne

Today Suzanne talked about how she forced her children to clean house. I admit, the idea enchanted me. So I gave my fiver year old daughter a rag and some all purpose cleaner and sent her to work on the coffee tables and end tables. Having done that, she moved on to the dining room table and all the chairs. And her reward for all this hard work? I let her cut out my coupons. I hate cutting coupons more than anything but the darling girl has almost a pathological obsession with cutting stuff up. So she was happy, particularly when she found the Chuck E. Cheese coupons.

By the way, I dyed her hair again: Red Copper spirits. It looks awesome, people keep asking if its natural. I also put the dye on the two year old's head. She is a blonde so it makes her look like a fireball. She loves it. I'll post pictures later. They look really cute.