Thursday, August 11, 2005

World in My iPod

Suzanne talked about her favorite room in her house today on her blog. I have a favorite room, but my opportunities to escape there are few. But I do have my iPod.

I love this thing. The sound quality is so wonderful and it is so easy to carry, it makes listening to music so much more accessible. Quite often, it is my only escape during the day. I plug myself in and tune out everything else. I work on my dishes, fold laundry, mop floors, any number of household chores with my earphones on. Usually I am somewhere else in my head, the music effectively blocking out the world. My thoughts usually dwell on my WIP. Unless its Gwen Stefani playing, then I stop and start singing. It's ugly and the children run crying for their rooms. But for the most part, the music carries me to someplace else.

I have 368 songs on my iPod right now. The artists range from Guns n Roses to Joan Baez, k.d. Lang to Enya, usually I can find something to fit my mood.

No, my escapes aren't temporal, but I think the beauty of being a writer is the ability to use the mind to create a world within. We always have a favorite "room" within our heads.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I am not quite with the program, but how do you download the music onto the ipod? I've always been curious.

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

Everyone is ipod these days, leaving me in the dust! Really though, I'd get one if I had the money and didn't have to pay for downloads. I'm cheap. ;D

Rene said...

Michelle, I burn my cd's onto my hard drive using the iTunes software. Then I plug in my iPod and it dowloads automatically. I have bought a few songs from iTunes but it isn't something I make a habit of.

Anonymous said...

I have a rio carbon mp3 player. Love it. Music. Workshops from national. It shows up as another drive on my computer when I plug it in, and I can just drag and drop things onto it.

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