Saturday, October 01, 2005


There comes a time when the soccer moms are seperated from the SOCCER MOMS. I am talking about Snack. On the schedule your name is placed beside a date and that is the date you bring snack. This entails a fruit during half-time and a snack at the end of the game.

Like a peacock spreading its glorious tail in briliant fall sunlight, I show off my plummage with little brown lunch bags filled with a bounty of treats to please the players. I look through the grocery aisle and select the most tempting delights for my snacks, searching for that unique tidbit that will one-up me amongst the soccer moms. I am good, I will admit. Today was my turn for my son's game. Target had their Little Debbie snacks on sale so the boys got frosted brownies in their bags along with a fruit snack, cheetos and gatorade. I have no qualm saying I am out to impress for my son's team.

For my daughter's team, I was first, knowing it was my sacred duty to show by example how to do a proper snack. Since Katie is in U-6, there are mostly newbie soccer moms. Hopefully they have learned from my turn, just as I as a young Grasshopper soccer mom learned from the Wise Soccer Moms before me.