Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I'm Number One....

I went to the dentist today and he told me the burn in my mouth was the worst one he'd ever seen. Unfortunately, there really isn't anything he can do at this point. If it hasn't gotten significantly better next week, I have to come back and he'll do something. Sigh...Also found out he bought his wife a Bentley. Damn, I should have married a dentist.

I back to popping Advil Gel Caps (these are the greatest, not only do they work fast, they don't bother my stomach) and feeling better. I think I was worried that he'd have to do something invasive and painful. My focus is a little better now.

First Day of School

How heavenly it was to drop off those little monsters. Diva took off after school on a playdate. Supernerd complained that all the sixth graders in his class (he's in a 4-5-6 class) have cell phones. Subtle hint...NOT. I was so happy to see my daughter's teacher, she's so wonderful. Tomorrow is her birthday so I ordered a cake. Actually, it is a cake made up of cupcakes. I heard this afternoon after I ordered the cake that one of the kids is celebrating his birthday as well. Plenty of cake for everyone.

I know I had a bunch of stuff to talk about, but my mind is drawing a blank. I really wish the dentist could have given me a magic pill to make this go away. I did want to mention the September edition of the blog carnival, "This Thing Called Love." The topic is what makes the perfect hero. You can either send me your link via email or submit it directly through Blog Carnival (the link is in my sidebar). The carnival will be posted on September 18, so I need your links by the 17th.

Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow and I can talk about my little giveaway.

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