Friday, September 01, 2006

One of those Weeks

Ever have one of those weeks where it just didn't pay to get out of bed? I'm having one of those right now.

I burned the top of my mouth the earlier this week pretty bad on some spaghetti sauce. The pain has radiated down through my jaw and it hurts to eat, move, think, whatever. Oral pain is the worst, I'd rather go through labor again.

My laptop re-booted itself which it does on occasion for whatever updates its downloaded. My WIP was closed down without my participation. Not really a big deal because Word saves it as is when the program shuts down only it saves it as a backup file. When I opened Word the next day, it gave me the opportunity to open the last save. I deleted it instead and lost about 3 pages of work. Not a devastating blow, but certainly an annoyance.

The Thing has been so obnoxious this week no one can stand her. She is getting into things at a rate I can't keep up with and she isn't sleeping at night. I'm so tired, I haven't had a decent nights' sleep all week and I can't begin to describe the messes I've had to clean up. She spilled (poured?) shampoo all over the bathroom floor which required me to scrub on my hands and knees to get it off.

The frosting on the cake of my week happened yesterday when I received a call from the stables where the Diva takes riding lessons. Apparently Scooter died. He was very old, I heard he was about 30 years old, so he was living on borrowed time. My daughter was the last one to ride him on Wednesday and she got to give him carrots. Anyway, DH and I got the unenviable task of telling her last night. She was alright at first, I was a little surprised. But ten minutes later she fell apart. Broke my heart. Its one thing to see them cry because their brother called them a name, another to see them devastated. She's okay now, a little subdued. I'm sure she will fall in love with her new horse next week.

There have been a couple of bright spots. The book I was reading Rebecca Forster's Privileged Witness was awesome, a total page turner. Talk about an escape. She writes legal thrillers. Great suspense.

The other positive was I finished the first big phase in my recipe project. I found some great recipes, found some others that I had to wonder what the hell I was thinking when I cut them out. Most of them are going to have to be modified to fit in with my "lifestyle change."

Tonight should be okay. My kids are spending the night at their grandparents. Hubby is taking me to the movies, something we haven't done since the last "Star Wars" movie. He lucked out, he won't have to take me out to dinner because my mouth hurts so bad.

So, how was your week?

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