Monday, February 02, 2009

The End, Fine, Concluded, Finished.....

Yesterday I finished my WIP. I wanted to finish on Saturday and was almost there, but we had to make a trip to Sam's Club. By the time we got home, I was done for the day. If you've ever been to Sam's Club on a Saturday, you can understand how it sucks the life out of you. Made me appreciate Costco like never before.

Anyway, I got up Sunday and wrote until I was done. There is such a feeling of disorientation I have when I finish a book. It doesn't feel like its done. I've lived with this WIP for so long and it has been consuming for the last few weeks, it just jars when its over. Today I start editing (I enjoy that as much as I enjoy going to Sam's Club on a Saturday) and I need to start a new book. Neither has any appeal, but I was on writing roll yesterday and I'd like to keep it fed.

On the dark end for my kids is that Mommy is back from her half-dazed existence. They take advantage of my distraction to behave the way they want and I'm more than willing to let them guzzle 3 sodas if they will only leave me alone. Today, I'm a different person and their opportunities will be cut short. I will be watching to see how many fruit snacks they gobble in a day. I will be on them like a spider monkey over leaving their junk lying around the house...until I hit the end of the next book and I go back into my stupor.

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