Thursday, March 26, 2009

Losing its Luster?

The Golden Hearts finalists were announced yesterday. Usually I'm aware of that date long before it actually happens but this year, it snuck up on me. The only reason I knew was because I saw some RITA announcements. If the RITA finalists were announced then the GH's had to have been as well.

Usually the Internet is abuzz with GH news but I had a hard time finding any info beyond the RWA site. I didn't recognize a single name on the finalists' list, in years past I recognize a couple of names. It could be because I'm out of the loop on such things. I've dropped most of my RWA loops. But I didn't know anyone who entered. I judged this year and frankly I didn't expect to see any of the entries I read to be finalists. Not even close.

I entered the contest once. I didn't final but I made the top quarter. Unlike chapter contests, there is no feedback so the only reason you are entering is to win. That was enough for me. Too expensive and at that point I was well into submissions.

Did any of you hear a lot of buzz about the GH's? Did anyone enter? Judge? Is the contest losing its luster or am I totally out of touch? How about the RITA's? I think I've only read one book out of all of them.

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