Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring is in the Air

Spring is the time for so many things. Baseball for one. As you can see, my two girls are ready. Thing kind of looks like she is ready to attack something and eat it raw. Anyway, the season heralds all types of activites. In my area baseball and soccer are in full swing. People are busy planting their gardens. Joggers are multiplying in the morning while the evenings are reserved the walkers. We have birds everywhere, they nest in the clay tiles of my house. Its just a big explosion of life, a new chance at whatever we endeavor.

I think it also shakes us from out winter cobwebs and we start seeing a bit more clearly. Like how dirty the inside of our drawers and cabinets are inside a sunny kitchen. Or how chaotic our pantry has gotten. The fridge and freezer are crying out for attention. Yep, I need to do some spring cleaning. But trying to find the time isn't easy. And it isn't fun. Besides, I have this brilliant piece of genre fiction which is demanding release.

In the end, I feel better after I've gotten a big project done. I like the immediate satisfaction of seeing something done. The results scream spring to me. My kids have spring break in April this year so I think I'm going to press them into service. It should get things done so much faster.

Do you spring clean?

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