Thursday, March 17, 2005

Cosmic Flip Off

I got up today and fired up my laptop. "Disk reading error press alt + ctrl+del." Grrrr.....
It will not boot. I tried booting from an XP disk but it won't. It wants me to re-install XP, ergo obliterating all of my files.

I don't have anything life-ending on the laptop except for my WIP. I have another copy on my desktop. What it frustrating is that I've come to rely on the access I get with my laptop. I can work and surf the Internet from my kitchen and family room and still keep an eye on my kids. It's like there is a cosmic force sticking its tongue out at me and daring me to be more than a housewife. If it looks like I'm making strides towards my goal as a writer, something strikes it down.

Days like this make me want to give up.

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