Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Rejection Letter

I got a rejection letter today. This in and of itself is hardly news worthy. I have enough of them I'm thinking about doing a scrapbook. I could show up at one of those scrapbooking parties with my box full of rejections and cheerfuly paste them on pretty paper with adorable stickers and die cuts. Would that make them less painful? Anyway, what was unique about this letter was that I had sent a query to this agent in May of 2004. It took her almost a year to respond to a query letter! I'd included an SASE (which look like it had been beaten to hell) and yet it took her that long to respond. Of course it was a form rejection, no "gee, sorry it took so long," or anything like that, just an "Author." Heck, there wasn't even a "Dear Author." Well, I'm glad she didn't ask for a partial.

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