Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Diet Coke

I love Diet Coke. It is my drink of choice. It beats our wine, beer and sometimes martinis. But Coca Cola has been doing some funky things lately. First, I accidentally bought Coke Zero. YUK! It was terrible. It tasted like regular Coke which I do not like. Then I tried Diet Coke with Splenda. Blech, that stuff was nasty. I am a purist. I do not like Diet Coke with Lime, Lemon, or (shudder, shudder) vanilla. Occasionally, when I am feeling exotic, I will drink Diet Cherry Coke.

However, all of the above are better than Pepsi. I'd rather drink hamster urine than Pepsi (although I'm not sure they aren't the same thing).

So what about you? Are you persnickety when it comes to soda? Are you a Coke drinker or firmly in the Pepsi camp? Is there anything worse than vanilla cherry Dr. Pepper?


Melissa Amateis said...


Anonymous said...

coffee is my drink of choice. Then beer *g But when it comes to soda it's diet coke or nothing! (though I do like a slice of lime in mine...)

Rene said...

Kacey, I wasn't counting coffee because coffee=oxygen in my world :)

I knew what you were going to say, Mel.

~~Olivia said...

Water, on the rocks. Nothing else beats it.

Except for coffee...

LoryKC said...

3. Wine
(Depends on the time of day, you see...)

LoryKC said...

I will order tea if a restaurant does not serve diet coke! Can't take the Pepsi yet I married a diet pepsi man! Opposites attract, I guess!

Anonymous said...

Diet Coke is definitely my drink of choice. And I am SO with you on the weird stuff they've been doing to it lately! WHAT is up with that???

Sometimes if I'm in the mood for a different taste sensation I'll get Diet Cherry Coke or *gasp* even Tab.

But in restaurants I'll usually get iced tea. :)

Anonymous said...

No diet drinks. Pbbb! Icky! I'm a Dr. Pepper girl myself.

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