Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Family of Five Drowns in Ocean of Magazines

Some people collect stamps. Others, coins. Dolls, butterflies, plates are all common collectibles. But not me. No, my family and I seem to collect magazines. Here is a list of mine that I get every month:

Cooks Illustrated
Martha Stewart's Living
Martha Stewart's Kids (that only comes out 4 times a year)
Martha Stewart's Everyday Food
Cooking Light
Hollywood Life
Entertainment Weekly

I occasionally pick up "Sunset." At Thanksgiving and Christmas time I pick up all the granny magazines like "Good Housekeeping," "Family Circle" and whatever else is out there. Hubby is bad too. He gets at least 4 different car magazines. My son gets a couple of magazines as well. Problem is, I don't read or look at them. Then they start encroaching on our living space. I need to make it a habit when I sit down and watch t.v. to sit and go through the darn things. I end up with piles of torn out magazine pages, but I can throw them in a box and hide them in a closet like the monsters they are. Hubby's are even worse. Typical man, he reads them in the bathroom. You have to fight your way to the shower.

Am I the only magazine fiend? What magazines do you get?

Haloscan Trouble

Is anyone else having problems posting to my blog? A couple of people have mentioned they can't open the comments section.

Oh, one more thing....

For the Paul Anka fans out there, I saw this. I can download it from iTunes for $10, I might have to do that.


LoryKC said...

Hmmm...just me or the whole family?
- Writer's Digest
- BrainChild
- Family Fun
- Notre Dame Football (that'd be the hubbie)
- Disney Adventures
...and catalogs. Oh, so many, many catalogs!!!

LoryKC said...

(No problems posting that comment--if that helps at all!?)