Tuesday, September 06, 2005

And They're Off!!

Sent the little darlings off to school today. They were pretty excited. My daughter ended up in the same classroom this year as she did last year. Her teacher from kindergarten was given a k-1 class and she handpicked Katie to be in it. I was very happy. Her teacher is so wonderful. The teacher doesn't get her kindergarteners until the afternoon so she can spend a lot more time with her first graders in the morning (she only has 9). Katie didn't say good-bye, she ran off as soon as she got out of the car. Daniel was a bit more apprehensive. But his teacher is a new teacher. One of the moms stopped me in the hall and said she was a wonderful teacher and we are lucky to have her. That made me feel better. He has a bunch of friends in the class too so he won't feel so alone. It's very odd being home with just the toddler. Thank goodness for television. It has kept her occupied while I cleaned my kitchen floor.

A Woman of Strong Resolve...

Remember how I said I was not going to submit anymore? Yeah, that lasted a couple of hours. Querying by email is so easy and therefore so tempting. So I sent out 3 queries and got a request for a full already.