Thursday, September 22, 2005

But Who's Going to Read It?

Kelly talked about lacking confidence in writing today. I suffer from it, but in a different way. I'm a good writer, I feel no lack of confidence in my writing abilities, but what I worry about is whether anyone else wants to read what I've written.

The book that I've got out in submissions right now is pretty universal in appeal. It's a vampire-save the world type of story, easy to understand and the kind of story I know others enjoy. But my historical I'm not so sure.

The writing is good, but the concept is different. I know the idea is to write something new and unique, but I don't think historicals fall in the same category. Perhaps I'm a bit jaded, but I haven't read a historical lately that veered too far off a traditional plot line. My fear is my target audience isn't going to like my story.

I'm sure this is a feeling many writers feel. Is anyone but me going to enjoy this story? Am I totally in left field with this plot? Are these characters ones readers can fall for?

I guess it goes back to writing the book of your heart and hope others appreciate your vision. It is a fine line we walk as writers, trying to gauge the market and yet not compromise the soul of the story we wish to tell. I wish had an answer. I'm almost halfway through my novel and I feel committed to it. I guess I will finish it, throw it to the wolves and see what happens.