Sunday, September 25, 2005

"The Kids aren't hurt, everyone's fine..."

...but you need to come and pick us up."

This was the phone call I received from my husband last night from his cell phone. I knew immediately that:

A) They were in a car accident and there were no injuries and
B) My blue 2004 Mustang convertible GT with only 2500 miles on it was not fine.

Hubby took the kids last night in the convertible for a ride around the lake near our house. It's a pleasant ride they go on when the weather is nice at night. Before they could get there, they were plowed into on the side by another car. Talk about a fiasco. Their accident was the result of another accident that had happened just a few minutes before. Some do-gooder decided to direct traffic by standing in my dh's lane and forced him into the other lane. The other car didn't see dh's car and nailed him good.

By the time I got there the police wouldn't let me through because the other accident had a fatality. The officer explained in a fairly antagonistic tone, that since my family wasn't hurt, they weren't a priority. I was very tempted to grab him by the throat and explain to him about MY priorities. He finally realized he was being a jerk and directed me to a spot. Another officer came over and politely told me he would find my family for me.

Anyway, my family is fine, a little shaken up but no injuries. The other car hit where my two-year-old was sitting but she was strapped into her uber-carseat and she didn't feel a thing. My car is not totaled but is definitely out of commission for a long time. It can't be driven and had to be towed. The other accident was a guy on a bicycle who decided to cross the four lane boulevard (which happens to be a part of Route 66) at 9 p.m. Not a wise choice for him, unfortunately.

It really does make you realize how fragile we are and how quickly a life can change and I just thank God my family is fine.