Wednesday, September 02, 2009

September Goals

Oh my goodness, it is already September. Here in the L.A. environs, it is hot and smoky, a most unpleasant end to summer. Remember this post? Well, this is where the big Acton fire is. Anyway, while we are in no danger of fire here, we are definitely feeling its affects with poor air quality. My cars are covered with soot and ash. Soccer practices are cancelled until further notice. Fire is a part of life here in SoCal and I've been through worse.

Anyway, no matter what the circumstances are that surround me, I can't use them as excuses not to get some priorities going. National Novel Writing Month is looming and I'd really like to participate. But I'm well into another WIP and I don't want to use it as my November project. So I need to get it done. I'm 20K+ on it with a projected word count of 85K. I have two months to get it done so I can focus on something else. Therefore I'm going to have to kick up my word production. My goal is...3K words a day. That's a a lot, that's more than my goals for NaNoWriMo. But I also know that is going to be tough. In fact, until next week, it is going to be real tough. But I'm hoping once my kids are back in school (let me pause for a moment and savor those words...) I can build up some steam and really go for it.

September really is my goal setting month for the year but I am a little too fractured mentally to focus on it. The giddiness of knowing next week at this time I will have my house back to myself has infected my focus.

So, any plans for NaNoWriMo? Have you thought about it?

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