Friday, July 29, 2005

Some Progress

I got three pages written yesterday which wasn't nearly as much as I'd hoped for. Historicals go so much slower for me. Not only does the research cause me to pause, but I also need to choose my words more carefully to avoid anachronisms. I must say, however, writing about the 18th century is easier than writing about the Regency period. For me, the language of a Regency novel is so important. By the time Britain hits the Regency era, there is a lot more enchantment with language. The literacy rate had climbed and people had more leisure time to indulge in the niceties. When I write Regency era, I focus on the words and the rhythm of the sentences, trying to give it more of a feel of the era. In an 18th century story, the language isn't as big of a focus, at least from my point of view. The social structure is different and the upper class was still growing. I'm more interested in the "wildness" of the times.

I'm hoping to get some more writing done today. I've got a big scene coming up and I can't wait to write it. Hope everyone else sees some progress today.


Anonymous said...

Good going on the three pages!!! You beat me by quite a bit. :)

Crystal* said...

And now you know why I write paranormal and contemporary. Not much research required.
You have it ALL over me. Believe me. What dedication!

Anonymous said...

I find myself editing out the modernisms later. But I know what you mean!