Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Who should be the next Bond?

Clive Owen

Here is my vote. I really think he's swell. I sat through "King Arthur" just to watch him. Oh, okay, I wanted to watch Ioan Gruffudd too. I spent more time than I should have thinking about Clive Owen than working on my WIP today. But maybe it is because my hero reminds me of Mr. Owen. Hmmm.....

Yeah, I didn't get much done on the writing front today. I did a little research. My problem was how to end this particular chapter. I am all for kicking my heroine when she's down and figured out how to do it in the car today dropping off my kids. Then I got home and got busy doing other stuff (and thinking about Clive Owen).

In the "Good Things" category, I entered the Romance Junkies contest and my entry is up this week. I received two emails from readers last night complimenting me. I got fan mail. Maybe I should frame it.

My kids are at science camp tomorrow morning and my folks are picking my baby up to take her shopping at the
The Container Store with them, so I figure I'll have a couple of hours of peace to work on my WIP.


Stephanie Tyler said...

Cool on the fan mail! I'm going to have to head over to RJ and check it all out *g*

I didn't get much writing done yesterday either - just some editing. Hopefully today will be slightly more productive for me.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Ioan Gruffudd for Bond, but Clive Owen would be good, too.

And there must have been something in the air yesterday because I didn't get much written either. I think I added two pages.

Melissa Amateis said...

Clive Owen is divine! He would make a great James Bond. Has the necessary "angst" look.
The Container Store looks awesome - I think I'd go nuts in a place like that.

Rene said...

Tori, I wouldn't mind if Mr. Gruffudd took over as 007. He looks good in a tux.