Thursday, November 17, 2005

Birthday Princess

Yesterday was the big birthday. Katie turned 6. We started the morning with her getting her hair cut. The stylist French braided it and put beads in it. She also painted her nails. The outfit was complete with a birthday tiara and a big red birthday button. I brought my 4 dozen "homemade" cupcakes (courtesy the grocery store). After school her grandmother picked her up and took her to a birthday tea and gave her presents. Later she went to soccer practice and everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to her. She picked pizza for dinner (Yeah! Mom doesn't have to cook) and opened the presents from us which included a set of golf clubs. Some of the presents I gave her I bought in July...of 2004. I had them at my MIL's and forgot they were there.

Birthday week isn't over. Family is coming over Saturday to celebrate her sister's birthday and bringing some presents for her as well then Sunday is her kid party. Life's rough when you are a princess.