Sunday, November 27, 2005

Psycho Turkey Man

We cooked another turkey today.  My husband a.k.a. Psycho Turkey Man, had six straight meals of turkey.  Yes, that includes breakfast.  So last night I ran to the grocery store and bought another turkey.  Of course there weren’t any of the deals like there were last week, but this was a CRISIS and we needed that turkey.  Hubby deep fried it, so it cooked in less than an hour.  This finished up the rest of the leftovers.  With my family, leftovers don’t last long.  Personally, I’m glad to see it go.

I didn’t go shopping Friday.  Going through the ads, I didn’t see anything I couldn’t live without.  I thought about going just for the rush, but I was so wiped out from the preceding week, I rolled over when the alarm went off.  I really don’t have much to buy, I ended up picking up a couple of things at Costco on Wednesday (yes, I went to Costco the day before Thanksgiving and yes, it was as bad as you would think).  A trip to Toys R Us this week will probably do it.

We have a new addition to the family.  Last Tuesday I was driving down the road to pick up the kids from school.  I swerved to miss something and as I passed I realized it was a turtle.  I stopped and picked it up to discover it was a baby desert tortoise.  I have no idea where she came from.  There are several houses on the street and there is some new development bordering the road.  My thought is that she lived in the field and the crew disturbed her burrow.  I’ve been keeping my eye out for signs.  I really don’t want to post signs about her because everyone and there dog will claim her. Nothing so far.  A workman was outside near where the tortoise was so he said if anyone asked him, he’d tell them to put up a sign and I would contact them.  Katie has named her Julia.  I need to take Julia to the vet and make sure she is okay to hibernate.  I also need to have her checked for contagious diseases since I don’t want my other tortoise to catch anything.  I figure she is about four or five years old which means she will definitely become my children’s problem when I’m gone.

I’ve been too busy to think about writing although an idea popped in my head over the weekend.  I usually do a Christmas story as well just for fun so I might work on that.  I’m very glad Thanksgiving is over.  We picked out a Christmas tree today at the tree farm around the corner.  It is very cool to walk over to pick out your tree.  I’m not sure when we will bring it home since the monsters are guaranteed to tear it apart.  I’ll be very glad to see the darlings go off to school tomorrow.