Monday, November 14, 2005

Is it January yet?

Thus begins my busy season.  Both of my daughters are celebrating birthdays this week.  Katie turns 6 on Wednesday and Allison turns 3 on Saturday.  Daniel has a major school assignment due this Wednesday.  He has to create a board game based on minerals found in California.  Of course he didn’t start working on it until yesterday.  Katie brings snack to school on Wednesday.  Her class combos with another on Wednesdays so I have to have enough cupcakes for 40 kids.  They also have a project going that morning that I volunteered to help with.  On Thursday her class is going to this place and I volunteered to go with them.  Katie’s last soccer game is on Saturday and we are having the team party right after.  I’m doing the goodie bags and taking care of the pizza.  Saturday night is the party for Allison.  We are only doing cake and ice cream with family.  Sunday is the big kid party for Katie.  I’m doing a goodie bag craft project with the kids and I ordered a bouncer.

I’m not trying to write.  It seems a pointless exercise to even try this week.   But next week I’m hoping to get some writing done.  It should be a calm week.  Oh wait, it’s Thanksgiving and I’m hosting.  Sigh….