Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Oh, The Carnage!

So yesterday was the first of the BIG DAYS in my children's lives. In two weeks the two girls have their birthdays (they are 3 years, 3 days apart) then Thanksgiving then my son's birthday (Dec. 23) and then the ultimate big day, Christmas. So of course they are wired for the next couple of months. The sugar haul from yesterday will help drive this frenzy of obnoxious behavior. We went trick or treating in our downtown. This is a picture of the little monsters in front of the city hall (I bet you guessed that from the picture ). Katie is a fairy from Winx Club (a Saturday morning cartoon), Allison is a dinosaur. I made this costume for my son years ago and each child has worn it. Daniel is a nerd. A big stretch for him. He actually liked the look and wants to dress like this for school. He is very odd.

So we did the candy thing there and they brought home a big haul. We moved on to my folks' house and trick or treated in their neighborhood and had dinner. My mom made a pot roast she bought at Costco. She microwaved it for 8 minutes and it was done. I was surprised how good it was. Heads up for a quick meal during this busy season. Dinner finished with Mom's home made pies. The apple pies were made from apples from her trees. Hmmmm, very, very good.

We have enough candy to make a dentist smile. I threw away all the other candy from the last year and am starting fresh.