Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Thirteen Things I Want for Christmas

Some are feasible, some aren't
1. Publishing contract. There's a surprise.
2. Aston Martin DB9 If I could Daniel Craig to go with that, even better.

3. Bentley Continetal GTC. Perfect combo of horsepower and class.
4. A magic pill to make me lose 30lbs. instantly.
5. A magic pill which will make me yearn to exercise.
6. George Foreman Grill. This is the latest model. Isn't it cool?
7. New Kitchen Aid. This guy is a monster.
8. The new Gwen Stefani CD. Now that Madonna sucks....
9. The complete novels of Jane Austen. Hubby just got this for me at Costco. I think its the law that all romance writers must own Jane Austen novels.
10. AlphaSmart. I'd love to have something so portable to take around.
11. Luxury cruise. Not one of those Carnival cruises, I want one of those fancy schmancy cruises.
12. A new pair of glasses. Mine are the wrong prescription and are battered and scratched. Maybe a pair of Lulu Guiness frames?
13. A whole day without my kids bugging me. Personally, I think I stand a better chance of getting the Aston Martin.

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