Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happy Birthday, Supernerd

My eldest turns eleven today, a moment I can hardly believe. Of my three kids, his birthdays affect me the most. On his first birthday, I bawled all day. I don't do that anymore, but it is amazing to me to watch this person who was once the cutest little baby turn into this young person.

He is like a little adult these days although he still has the tastes of a child. At dinner he will disucss something he read on the news and the next impersonate an obnoxious cartoon character.

He doesn't like sports. He doesn't like playing or watching them. He definitely doesn't like girls yet, they are gross. He loves computers and computer games. He loves reading. Right now he is reading the "Lord of the Rings" triology and loves it. His thirst for knowledge is never-ending. We will be spending a couple of days at museums next week at his insistence. He only listens to classical music and doesn't think any other kind is worth his attention.

He's a true delight to watch. His intelligence will surpass all of us in the family and I look forward to seeing what happens in the future. Despite the sadness of seeing my little boy fading into a young man, I am thrilled with the person he is becoming.

Happy Birthday my little nerd.

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