Thursday, January 22, 2009

The End Is Nigh...

I've really had a hard time blogging lately. One, I've been sick. And when I get sick, I'm pretty useless for anything that requires focus. The other is my WIP. I'm down to the last five chapters. Actually four, I'm nearly done with the one I'm working on.

Anyway, words come easily in my WIP. I'm a pretty disciplined writer when I'm writing. But my brain seems to shut down when it comes to anything else. Over the last few days I've written and deleted several posts. I can't maintain the focus to get them done and have them read the way I like. Odd how I can write a 85K book but I can't pound out a 500 word post.

I've had plenty of good ideas, but the words aren't there. Perhaps it is a writer's defense mechanism. Kind of like when you are freezing to death and your body kicks in with weird responses designed to keep you alive. My writerly brain is protecting itself, making my book the essential reason for living and giving everything else the boot.

There is a sense of urgency in me to get this book done. Its been hanging around my hard drive way too long. I haven't really had any problems with it. I'm pleased with the writing and all, but I've really had a hard time focusing on it. I've had good reason for dragging my feet. But not good enough. So here I am on the precipice of writing "The End" (well, I don't really write the words, but I know when I'm done) and I can feel the tension in me. It needs release. So I've been pouring myself into my book. Sometimes I have to get up and do something (re-sealed the granite last week, the whole time my mind was on my book). My floor may get a good mopping just so I can do something physical while my mind races.

I hope by next week I'll be back to my usual brilliant posts about kids putting foreign objects in their ears or the emotional impact I receive from bad reality television.

So here's my question. When you are overwhelmed with your writing, does your focus sharpen all around or does it reserve itself for your writing and nothing else?

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