Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Will It Blend?

I had a total soapbox post planned for today but lucky you, I am feeling too crappy to go on a ranting tirade. Instead, I thought I'd share one of my favorite time wasters.

My kids, like so many others, are experts on YouTube. One day I heard them laughing over something, (usually it is something stupid like "Charlie the Unicorn" (a true head-scratcher for me). But this time it was a guy with a blender. I totally got hooked on the videos.
They are hysterical. Tom, the host of the videos and founder of Blendtec is amiable and blends the darndest things. My favorite is when he tries to blend Chuck Norris. You can find the videos at Will It Blend?. However they are easier to search on YouTube.

Obviously the point is to sell blenders. Does the campaign work? I don't know, but after watching the videos, I did look into the blenders. My KitchenAid blender recently snapped under the pressure of making a smoothie, so the BlendTec may be the answer. Don't worry, if I do get one, I will not be experimenting with any small consumer electronics.

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