Friday, May 13, 2005

Book of My Heart

I should probably start out by saying I love everything I write. I love to write and have since I was 12 and scribbling down Victoria Holt knock-offs. I'd be happy writing copy for corn flake boxes. I pour my heart into everything I write.

That being said, there are some stories that mean more than others to me. It would seem logical, writing is a highly personal vocation which requires a person to reach into the recesses of their being to create a world populated with rich characters and fascinating plots.

Jill said
If the writing is great, you can sell anything, especially a book of your heart.

And I wholeheartedly agree. However....

A book is kind of like a house. You may have beautiful house, constructed with only the finest materials. The kitchen sports high-end appliances and granite counter tops. You've filled the bathrooms with polished marble. Everyone agrees, your house is beautiful. But maybe the floorplan's a little off. It might be a little different, unique and not to everyone's taste, but you love it. Now you have to sell it. It will sell, eventually. But the market is tight and there are more houses for sale than there are buyers. While everyone loves your house, it doesn't fit within the lifestyles of many people. It will sell someday, all houses sell, but it may take awhile.

Maybe you live in a traditional ranch style home. The landscaping is perfect, you've put in top-notch materials, made it the best it can be. And you love, but it doesn't have a piece of your soul in it. You put it on the market on Friday and by Monday you are packing to move. As much as you enjoyed living in the house, you won't shed any tears as you drive away. Your memories will be pleasant, but you won't get choked up over leaving.

Sorry for the ponderous analogy, but it was the best way to describe how I feel. The book so recently rejected was one I felt came purely from my heart. I didn't pay attention to market trends or anything when I started it. Up to then, it was my best piece of writing. When I started submitting it over a year ago, I got many requests for partials, most of which ended in rejections. The most common reason was marketability. I didn't receive one bad rejection, they all liked something about the book, but didn't think they could sell it.

My feelings now are ambivalent. While I'm not bitter over the submission process, I am weary and wary. The next book I wrote is good, better than the last, but its a paranormal in a similar vein and I'm not sure I want to waste another year in the same situation only to be rejected because no one thinks they can sell it.

The historical I am finishing is good and I love much about it, but I made some concessions. I put it in a time period which I like but don't hold in the highest of affection.

I still hold hope that my two paranormals will find the right buyer and someone will appreciate their uniqueness.


Anonymous said...

Don't give up! I'm convinced you just have to keep trying ...

Anonymous said...

Look at it this way--when you do eventually sell, if it isn't that book, then you can probably sell it later when you've built up an audience. In the meantime, keep up your spirits! And keep on writing!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I thought it was a great analogy. I feel that way sometimes too. And what is this strange creature...the book of my heart...I like some of my books better than others. Some stories seem to *need to be told more than others. But there are some that AREN'T calling and nagging me, *needing* to be told. And a few of those that I don't have any pressing NEED to write, have just been darn fun to write.

Anonymous said...

I second Kacey. I think it was a great analogy. And keep submitting! I'm sure your book of the heart will eventually find the buyer! I wish you the best!

Rene said...

Oh ladies, I would never give up the Dream! I AM ROMANCE WRITER, HEAR ME ROAR!!!

I should also say, the book of my heart hasn't always been my best effort. Sometimes being too passionate about the book tends to blur the skill of the writer.

Anonymous said...

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