Thursday, May 05, 2005


I got another rejection today on my full. This just ain't right. Two in one week. I'm still reeling from the last rejection. Ah well, I suppose the first one is the hardest. He at least thought I was good writer, he just didn't have the enthusiasm to be the right agent.

Well, two down, one more to go.


Melissa Amateis said...

Keep at it, girl. It will come through sooner or later (but let's hope it's sooner rather than later). :-)

Anonymous said...

Double ARGH!! Hang in there. But remember, an agent works for YOU. He declined to work with you. His loss. He will come groveling at your feet when you make millions. :)

Amy said...

Grrr, that's just not right. :( Sorry about the Rs. Sounds like you're due for some good news! (Do they sit around and conspire to hammer at us with all the Rs at once?)

Rene said...

Mel, sooner would be better.

Michelle, you are exactly right, he will be sorry. But at least he responded within a couple of months. I've got one out there knocking on 6 mos.

Yes, Amy, it is a conspiracy. It is a plot by the Cuervo company to make me hammer down lots of strawberry margaritas.

Anonymous said...

Hugs on the rejections!!!

Crystal* said...

It does get better. Eventually.
I remember about a year ago I decided I would mail off several queries at once.
I received them all back at approximately the same time. Actually, in the same week.
There is literally nothing like opening your mailbox and seeing a STACK of rejections.
I believe I was in a chocolate coma for another week. It's all a blur.
Thinking back...I probably should have gone with Cuervo. Live and learn.
I'm with the women. He'll be sorry. You'll be rocking along with your bad, writing self. And this will all be a distant memory.

Anonymous said...

Rejections suck. I'm sorry.
But I'll join you in that strawberry margarita....if that would help, you know. Just to help.