Monday, February 13, 2006


Here are the monsters and the loaf of bread they made today. My son has been bugging me for weeks to let him make a loaf of bread. Today they didn't have school so I went ahead and let him and his sister have at it. They did all the measuring, stirring and most of the kneading. I did step in to finish the kneading but for the most part they made the bread. It was a very long process because the bread had two raisings: one 2 hours and the second an hour and a half. The kids were not particularly patient.

They drove me crazy the rest of the day. Fighting and screaming. Making a mess out of the house. And the constant noise. They have the attention spans of cooked spaghetti. My girls are extremely demanding. Everytime I sat down at my laptop to write, they got into something, needed something, etc. Children are very possessive of their parents. And not just with other people, with anything that distracts a parent from the child. By 4:30 I called dh and said I was on strike and not cooking. After my day with the kids, there was no way I was going to dive into a cooking venture.

What concerns me is what is going to happen this summer. I definitely need to get them out of the house. Or is there a summer camp for moms? Preferably with an open bar and good looking cabana boys? And, of course, high speed Internet access.