Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Priorities and Dreams

Is writing the big dream for all of you? Is the rest of your life an stumbling block to your writing dreams? Sometimes, when I read articles or posts about writing, I feel like I'm off because writing isn't my ultimate goal. I want to be published. I want to write books and see my name on the cover. But not at the sacrifice of everything else.

I remember reading an article in RWR about writing with a family. The author pointed out that if you wanted to be a serious writer, you couldn't volunteer for your kids' activities. Let the other mothers do it. You don't have time because you can use that time for writing. A couple of things bothered me about that statement. One, it assumes writers are the only ones with dreams. My writing is more important than another person's goals and dreams. Two, it denies the joy of interacting with your children. Part of what makes me a good writer is my experiences in life. If I stay walled up in my house at my PC typing away, I lose some of what makes my writing voice unique. The people I interact with in the outside world have an influence on my writing.

And it isn't just parents I'm thinking of. We all have other commitments. We are caretakers, employees, friends, children, etc. and all of those commitments which fill our time. Does it make our writing dreams less important when we put other things first? Certainly there are things we don't want to do and curse because they cut into our writing time. But what about those things we choose to do? Am I a less committed writer because I choose to lead a Daisy troop? Does going to the gym for two hours make me less of a writer?

Is there anything besides your sudden demise that would make you give up your dreams of writing?

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