Monday, February 20, 2006

Silence is Golden

My inlaws took my kids last night and kept them. Dh and I got to out to dinner by ourselves again (twice in one weekend, think it's a record). My MIL called and asked to keep them most of today. So I have a day all to myself. Sigh.... Think of all the writing I could do. Think of those craft projects I've put aside. Think of the reading I could get done. Heck, even housework would be a breeze with only my own company.

So what have I done?

Well....I did do some sweeping. Read blogs. Ate lunch. Put one load of laundry in. And watched t.v., "Men in Black" to be precise. What I don't understand is why I have no motivation to do anything. I crave this kind of time, blog about it, whine about to my dh and yet what do I do when I get it? Pretty much go into a catatonic state. I'm not sure why. I think one reason is because I don't get enough of this kind of time so when I do, my brain shuts off. Maybe it's re-charging. Don't know. Anyway, how's everyone's day going?

New Blog

Because four blogs just isn't enough, I started another one. This one focuses strictly on historical romance. I hate boring people with specific writing issues, particularly when they pertain to historicals. Also, I found a really cute template and wanted to have an excuse to use. I twisted Melissa's arm to participate so she is also on it. Ainsley Park (the title of my WIP) is still pretty sparse but I hope to have some good links and info for writers (and readers) of the historical romance genre.