Saturday, February 18, 2006

Cell Phones

Last night dh and I went out for dinner sans children. We went to Black Angus (a steakhouse) and a nice time. Anytime I'm not forced to cut up another person's meat is a nice time. Anyway, the thing I noticed was the number of people using their cell phones. And it wasn't just people arranging to meet or emergencies instructions to the babysitter. They were conversations. Some sat there and checked there voicemail. It was like that little gadget was a part of their person.

Usually I have no idea where my cell phone is. I rarely use it. But I know some people who are lost without it. Now, I imagine if I were a teenager, the darn thing would be glued to my ear at all times. But these aren't kids. Do people really want to be that accessible? If I'm out to dinner with my spouse, friend, family, that who I want to focus on, not someone on the phone. Am I alone? How dependent are you on your phone?

I also wonder about etiquette. Isn't there a time when it is rude to use your cell phone? It makes me uncomfortable when I am with a friend and they are talking on the phone. I'm trying not to listen to their conversation but its hard. How do you feel about cell phones?