Sunday, February 12, 2006

But Is It Art?

Sorry, no rant today. I'm feeling more...contemplative today. I do have a rant brewing, but it needs to simmer for a little bit.

Anyway, do you consider writing art? Is a piece of fiction a work of art? Are writers artists? Is art in the eye of the beholder?

I don't consider myself an artist. I am in awe of people who can express themselves with blank canvas and paint or with a chunk of clay. I'm amazed by people who can create music, whose natural abilities create something beautiful. My talent is learned. I could never write how I do without years of learning and honing of skill.

I think poets are artists. I couldn't write poetry to save my life. But how many poets are also talented in other artistic mediums?

Is storytelling an art form? Is the word "artist" slung around with unearned bravado or are there too many works of intelligence and beauty mislabeled as something else?

I'm just curious. I'm sure there are a bunch of opinions out there and I'd love to hear them.

Speakings of opinions, great comments poured in on the previous post. Kelly admires Queen Latifah and Raven for projecting views of full figured women and I agree, I just wish there were more of them. Zephra, I worry constantly that my daughter is going to put up a poster of Paris Hilton in her room. It won't happen, but you can't escape from that...woman.

Lory, my daughter plays boys baseball. She will be playing the farm level this year. And Toni, she wears a pink batting helmet, pink cleats, pink batting gloves and uses a pink glove. I'm trying to convince her she can be a macho stud and a girly girl at the same time. BTW, congrats Toni on your book. Her book Venus' Slipper will be available in print soon. For those with boys like Sandy, I think its important to teach them what is important in a girl. They need to be aware that women are more than a decoration and to appreciate what's inside.

Skinny models have been around for a long time and what I can't understand why they are still admired and why extreme thinness seems to be encouraged. At the same time we are getting larger. And it isn't just North America. Europe is seeing a similar phenomenon. Like Nienke I don't understand why our media doesn't present more of a healthy lifestyle. Of course I did go to Krispy Kreme this morning....

srp and Dorothy give us hope because their girls turned out just fine. I think Dorothy is polishing up her "ERA" button and wearing it proudly *g*

Then there is Mark, our romantic who wants his daughter to find love. I think we all want our children to find love, but I don't want my daughter to compromise herself to achieve it. There are worse things than being alone and love can take many forms. Don't worry, Mark, she'll find what she's looking for.

Boy, there was some major linkage going on here. I think I better take a nap! I'm worn out!