Thursday, April 13, 2006


One of the reasons I became a writer was because of my love and curiosity about history. I started out only being interested in small, definitive eras and topics, but as I researched, I found my interest growing, encompassing areas I'd never given much thought to.

When I moved into contemporary writing, my interests continued to go in directions I’d never thought they'd go. This is never more apparent to me than when I go to the bookstore.

Yesterday was the opening day for our new Barnes & Noble. My favorite section without a doubt is the bargain shelves. While it is an economical place to shop, it also has the most eclectic collection of books. I love the Barnes & Noble published books. For a bargain price I can get a smattering of a topic. Yesterday I picked up two books on Celtic mythology and a book on Slavic folklore. I also picked up a book on charms and spells. Since I'm working on a paranormal, I thought it might be helpful, stuff that I can weave into stories.

My interests have delved into architecture, fashion, guns, law enforcement, forensics and cars. I never thought I would find most of these topics too interesting, but as I go deeper into each topic, my curiosity continues to bloom and heads into other directions.

I think the Internet has given such easy access to information, it helps feed our curiosity. In order to research a topic, it isn't always necessary to head to the library and sift through books. What stimulates your curiosity? Do you find yourself looking up things online you never expected to perk your interest?