Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Finding the Balance

I generally write about motivation when I don't have any. I post my ramblings in a hope that such drivel will light a fire under my creativity get me writing. So this time around I thought I would write about motivation when I'm actually motivated in an attempt to keep the fire burning and get my story done.

First, I think for me I need to have some things going right in my life. Life doesn't have to be perfect, but I need that one thing in my world that doesn't require my attention or my concerns. My creativity needs room to expand in my psyche without competing for space with something else. Romance writing is emotional and it is essential it gets the space to expand in order to develop on the page.

Second, I really cannot write in a dirty house. I'm not a neatnik, but I do need to be able to finish writing and be able to go cook in a kitchen without having to do three loads of dishes first. The conflict for me is that I don't like to clean house. Ah well, we all have our burdens. Which brings me to my next point.

Third, I tend to go full force with my writing. If I'm in a groove, I could easily write all day, stopping only to pick up the kids, get something to drink, etc. Such an exertion of creativity tends to bleed it dry in me. Hence the timer. I time everything. The little "tic tic" is going right now as I write this. I make myself space my writing throughout the day. It also helps motivate me to do some housework. I may write for 20 minutes then spend 45 minutes cleaning up the house or working on laundry. This makes me get up and move around, get my house picked up and gets my writing done. I know that no matter how dreary sorting laundry is, I only have to do it for so long before I can stop and go write. At the same time, if I know I'm on a timer with my writing, I can write and make mental notes to myself to work on while I'm doing chores. Instead of worrying about a plot point while I'm writing, I can save it for another time and devote it to what I'm working on at that moment. Also, knowing my time is limited, I don't mess around, focusing all my energies on the page at hand.

Fourth, well, I really don't have a fourth. Perhaps I feel like I have the luxury of doing other things. I find I have time to read. I have time to blog or play computer games. I don't have time to eat.

I think I am a happier person (we won't count Easter Sunday). Perhaps it just took me finding the balance.