Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday Dinner
Tonight we had an old fashioned Sunday dinner. My husband barbecued chicken and we had steamed spinach, cauliflower and artichoke, all picked out by him and our daughter at the farmer's market this morning. It is a tradition I'd like to establish, a large meal at the dining room table with flowers and a feeling of family. Too often during the week meals are a rushed matter, usually skinless boneless chicken breasts with a rice dish and frozen veggies. The meal is hurried and over before anyone has time to enjoy it.

Tonight we lingered over our meal. Hubby also made strawberry lemonade from homegrown lemons and strawberries from the farmers market. It was pleasant sitting with the kids simply enjoying the fact of being together and eating a good meal. Tomorrow we go back to our routines and while I'm a pretty good cook, Monday through Friday tends to have the rushed feel of getting through a meal between activities and bedtime.

While I do spend a great amount of time on tirades about my kids, sitting with them tonight made me appreciate what I have. I think it is important to have these moments with those you care about, to take the time to fix a good dinner and enjoy one another's company.

I'll be back to whining tomorrow.