Monday, March 12, 2007

Accepting Your Voice

Three Cheers for Daylight Savings Time......

I'm waiting....

I'm not loving it myself. It is so dark in the morning! Ugh.

So I didn't do any writing this weekend. Granted, it was busy, cookie sales are still in the forefront and baseball has kicked into high gear. However, I did have time and I did have motivation but I had no inspiration.

I'm in an odd position. The book that is out with editors is a new genre for me but one that obviously flows well with my voice. Great. I have enough of the second book to create a proposal and I like it very much. Awesome. Now what do I do?

My inclination was to do something completely different, like a historical, but now I feel perhaps this is something that needs to move to the back burner. As much as I like to write the genre, perhaps I'm pushing my voice in a way it doesn't want to go.

I've always enjoyed writing a variety of things but I think I need to start focusing on what I'm good at. It might be time to let go of those ideas which probably don't fit with my voice. In some instances, it isn't difficult. I had this romance story idea which revolved around the first female general manager of a Major League Baseball team. Would have been fun, but, well, out in left field for me. I like to write erotica, but I really have no desire to take it all the way. There are a lot of erotica writers out there and most of them probably do it better me.

Its tough for unpubs because we basically have a big wide world of ideas open to us. We don't have the pressure to satisfy an editor or a publisher or even a reading public, we can indulge in our fancies. But I think we all reach a point where we realize we would be better writers if we narrowed our focus.

I'll probably keep trying to write the great historical, but I have to acknowledge it isn't going to be my bread and butter for writing. More like a hobby.

Anyway, have you ever felt this way? Is there a genre you'd love to write but know it isn't likely to happen?

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