Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thirteen Things I Love About Living in California

1. The weather. It's going to be 79 degrees today. And its March.
2. I can get to Disneyland in less than 30 minutes.
3. I can get to the mountains in less than 20 minutes.
4. I can get to the beach in less than an hour.
5. Wine.
6. Concert venues. Not so much anymore, but when I was a young singleton I went to concerts practically every weekend.
7. Proximity to Vegas. I don't go all that often, but knowing I can get there by car in less than 4 hours gives me an odd sense of comfort.
8. BPAL. This is for Gypsy. I can go to a brick and mortar sale if I want. They also sell their scents in some of the stores in Hollywood.
9. Did I mention the weather? Bears repeating.
10. Cars. I love cars and we have lots of them. Its like people watching for me.
11. People watching. I love watching people. They fascinate me and we have all kinds here.
12. Museums. While this isn't unique to California, I put it down to remind myself to go this summer.
13. Celebrities. I'm as shallow of a stargazer as they come. Its so cool when you can say "wasn't that so-and-so?" and know it probably was.

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