Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thirteen "Thursday Thirteens" You Will Never See Me Do

1. My Thirteen Favorite Vegetables. Maybe "Tuesday Two" but that's about it.
2. My Thirteen Favorite Tom Cruise Movies. He gives me the creeps.
3. Thirteen Rap Songs I Could Listen to Over and Over Again. I really don't have to explain, do I?
4. Thirteen Things I Love About Golf. Maybe its me, but geez, it seems boring.
5. Thirteen Recipes I Love with Velveeta. I go into convulsions just typing the word.
6. My Thirteen Favorite Danielle Steel Novels. Nuff said.
7. Thirteen Fashion Trends I Loved From the 1980's. Two words: Acid Wash.
8. Top Thirteen Episodes of "Full House." They play this show ad nauseum on Nick at Night. Like banging my head against a brick wall.
9. Thirteen Things I Love About School Mornings. I just spent 10 minutes helping Diva put an outfit together. She's only in 2nd grade. What is she going to be like in Jr. High?
10. Top Thirteen Household Chores. Does sitting on the couch eating bonbons count?
11. Thirteen Exercises I Enjoy. Does sitting on the couch eating bonbons count?
12. Thirteen Places I Enjoy Shopping With My Kids. I'm convinced I did something horrible in another life and am paying for it every time the whole family goes to Costco.
13. My Favorite Thirteen Pepsi Products. Don't care about red states and blue states. My world is divided between Coke and Pepsi.

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