Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Thirteen Things I Hate About Living in California

Gotta take the bad with the good!

1. The weather. About the end of August through September we hit triple digit temperatures. I get real tired of it. Also, we don't have any distinctive change of seasons. Fall loses some of its charm when you are wearing shorts and tee shirts.
2. Theoretically, I can get to Disneyland in 30 minutes...If I leave at 2 a.m. and take the carpool lane. It's more like an hour with the glut of traffic. It takes forever to get anywhere.
3. Same for the beach. It's even worse because most of the traffic is on the last 5 miles. Very frusterating.
4. Gas prices. I filled up my car the other day and it cost me $88. So it really doesn't matter how far places are, I can't afford to drive there anyway.
5. Fires. Every year around October we go up in flames. I've already been evacuated once in the three years I've lived in this particular house and I expect it will happen again. And the air is unbearable.
6. Smog. We've actually improved greatly over the last 20 years, but it is still nasty.
7. Housing prices. A newlywed searching for your first home? "Starter" homes will run you about $350,000-and that's for a fixer upper.
8. Southern California Edison. This company is run by the minions of Satan, I'm convinced. We have decreased our power usage by over a third over the last 2 years. How have we been rewarded? They jacked up our rates.
9. Earthquakes. I live about 10-15 miles from the San Andreas fault so I'm expecting the Big One. I just hope it doesn't screw up my DirecTv and my Internet.
10. Water. Drought is always an issue and again, my water company takes full advantage. We have constant rate hikes no matter what our water table measures.
11. Feb. 5, 2008. California has had its primary election in November, so by the time it roles around, most of the candidates have dropped off. Now we are going to be a part of Super Tuesday and with our numbers, the candidates are going to come in droves. Like I don't have enough trouble with vermin.
12. The Lakers. A 35-32 record? Embarrasing.
13. Celebreties. I live in the land of Lohan, Spears and Hilton. Enough to give you the creeps.

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