Monday, March 19, 2007

Cleaning the Closet

Its official, there is nothing to motivate me to exercise and lose weight.

I cleaned out my closet (again) and discovered how many cute clothes I have but can't wear because I've gained to much weight. You think that would motivate me to get out there and lose weight. It doesn't.

My gym is less than a mile from my house. Babysitting is included in my exorbitant monthly fee. They have great facilities and I always see someone I know and like. I should be motivated to go, but I'm not.

Kelly talks about training for some running races she wants to participate in. She is eager to push herself physically and is looking forward to the challenge. I am green with envy. I wish I enjoyed physical activity.

To be honest, I'd rather sit on my butt. The only walking I really want to do is shopping. Not only do I not care for exercise, I love to eat. I am definitely one of those people who lives to eat. And I particularly enjoy things that are bad for me.

My family history is loaded with heart disease. My mother has been on high blood pressure medication forever and my dad has had a stroke. My blood pressure is very good but my cholesterol is very bad. Yet I'm still not motivated.

I'm heading to the gym today and I'm going be watching every bite I eat. Please pass the veggies *shudder*. This is so much harder than writing.

So what do you do to motivate yourself for diet and exercise? Any tips?

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