Friday, April 15, 2005

The Big Love Scene

I'm coming up to the point in my WIP where the hero and heroine go crazy and sleep together. I can't wait. Writing love scenes is one of my favorite things to write. I love the challenge of blending emotion and action, of using sensuality with unrestricted elan. I usually go in knowing exactly what I'm trying to accomplish, but I'm flying blind on this one. I do know it has to be the best sex ever for the hero. Heroine is a virgin, so what does she know? But I do want them to wake up the next morning with completely different ideas about the night passed.

She will wake up in love, knowing she has found her life partner. He will wake realizing he has compromised a young woman in the most scurrilous fashion. He is convinced he is in love with another woman. In his mind, he has betrayed the woman he loves and the innocence of a young woman he was sent to protect.

The sex part is easy, its the conflict it creates that will be the challenge in this scene.

I want her devastated, but so devastated she is a whiny mess. She has survived worse. He needs to understand his guilt is misplaced. She will survive (hey, that would make a great song). Being a true 19th century guy, he can't understand her need for independence and disdain for what he can offer her. It has and will be a conflict for them through the whole book, right up to the last page.

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Wow, that sounds like a great conflict!