Monday, April 18, 2005

Love Scene Interrupted

"He thrust slowly, the passion nearly undoing him when..."

The baby has toilet paper in her hair, why does she have toilet paper in her hair? I ran upstairs to the bathroom to find a roll of toilet paper gobbed into the toilet while wet toilet paper clung to the seat like some sickly fungus. More wet toilet paper littered the floor, the globs making for a delightful mess.

How does one get back into the mood of writing a love scene after that? My inclination is to have the heroine knee the hero and get the hell out of there. Do I really want to put my heroine in a dangerous situation where she could be cleaning up wet toilet paper from a 2 year old's hair? Or scrubbing the floor because said 2 year old took an entire bottle of Bath & Bodyworks Flowering Herb lotion all over the floor.

Children do not add to romance. I'm not sure why authors love to include them. Maybe they don't have children themselves. Or maybe their kids are grown and they don't remember how rotten their kids were. Or maybe its my kids. All three of them have their talents for making me insane, but the 2 year old is a prize winner. I almost never include kids in my writing, I live with them too much in reality to allow them to invade my fiction.


Melissa Amateis said...

I love the image of the heroine kneeing the hero! LMAO!!!

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